5 Fast Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores for Good

Fast Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Cold sores, fever blisters, herpes labialis – whatever you call it, one thing is sure – this condition is very annoying! It seems like there are plenty of reasons to look for fast ways to get rid of cold sores, starting with the fact that they look ugly. These tiny blisters appear around your lips and can hurt quite a lot. On top of everything, cold sores are also very contagious. They spread from one person to another, usually through close contact, such as kissing.

The good news is that cold sores do not pose a serious threat to your health. In fact, they will go away even if you don’t treat them. The bad news is that they will stay on your lips for at least two weeks. It usually takes about 3 or 4 weeks for cold sores to vanish completely. If that seems too long, you should look for another solution. With that in mind, here are five fast and easy ways to get rid of cold sores and prevent them from appearing anytime soon!

1. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Kill the Virus

Virus-like herpes causes every cold sore. To treat it, you will need to remove the cause. There are two ways of doing it. One way is to let your immune system take care of it, but the problem with this method is that it may take a bit longer than expected. That is why people often decide on a different approach, such as dealing with the cause of cold sores with a chemical substance. One of the best antiseptic solutions that you may have in your home is 3% hydrogen peroxide.

The trick is in applying hydrogen peroxide directly onto the cold sores and let it do its job. However, because of the position of these blisters, it might not be easy to pour the liquid over them directly. Instead, you can soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and then apply it onto the sores.

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2. Treat Cold Sores with Peppermint

The logic behind this method of treating cold sores is the same as the previous one. To address the damage that they have caused; first, you need to remove the cause. It means that you need to use something, which will kill the virus that’s causing the sores. If you prefer a natural alternative to powerful antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide, your best solution is peppermint oil.

For ages, peppermint is known for its potent antifungal and antiseptic properties, which is why it has been a standard part of folk medicine. You can use oil to treat cold sores and make them go away quickly. The only downside of applying peppermint oil on the blisters is that it is going to hurt.

3. Got Milk? Use It to Treat Cold Sores!

Sometimes the best solution is only a few feet away. In this case, one of the fast ways to get rid of cold sores is using milk. All you need is a few drops of whole milk and a cotton pad. Simply apply the whole milk compress on your cold sores a few times a day, and you will make them gone sooner than expected!

If you are wondering how regular milk can help you beat cold sores, you should know that it contains protein that can accelerate the healing process. The protein in question is called immunoglobulin, which acts as an antidote in the battle against herpes. On top of that, milk also contains an amino acid called l-lysine, which is guaranteed to soothe the pain.

4. Use Cornstarch Paste to Ease the Pain

If what you find most annoying about the sores is the itching and burning they produce, using cornstarch paste should be your choice. The main feature of cornstarch paste is that it lowers the pH value of the sores, which will result in the death of virus, which thrives in an acidic environment. The best thing about this method is that it will relieve you from pain as soon as you apply the paste onto the sores.

To use the cornstarch as one of the fast ways to get rid of cold sores, you will need a teaspoon of the paste and the same amount of fresh water. All you got to do is mix the paste with water and apply the mixture onto the sores.

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5. If Cold Sores Hurt, Ice Is the Solution

All of the fast ways to get rid of cold sores explained above will help this problem go away in the shortest amount of time. But, when it comes to easing the pain caused by cold sores, the best solution is ice! Simply take an ice cube and press it against the cold sores until they go numb!

Be careful as after using the ice; you may get a feeling dry skin. In fact, this can even cause the blisters to rupture prematurely. Luckily, preventing this is quite easy. After applying the ice, let the sores dry and apply a bit of petroleum jelly.

How to Prevent Cold Sores from Appearing in Future?

Although they move from one person to another, cold sores will not affect those with strong immune system. If you are not eating healthy or you’ve been under a lot of stress, the chances are high that cold sores will get you. With this in mind, the most important of all fast ways to get rid of cold sores is to boost your immunity! So, make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, but also foods with healthy oils like coldwater fish and nuts.

Apart from eating healthy, you also need to curb down on unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking. In fact, smoking is the worst thing you can do when fighting cold sores. Not only does smoking affect your immune system, but it also physically allows the blisters to spread from one part of your mouth to another.